Staff leasing is to hire employees from another employer, which allows entrepreneurs to significantly reduce costs and very quickly provide the company with the necessary workforce. Especially in high season and in other cases of fluctuations in the level of employment.

Staff leasing is an attractive form of employment, because the client has legal status in labor relations with employees, which guarantees of minimal judicial risk.

In the framework of cooperation with our team, your company receives:

• FLEXIBILITY OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - immediate reaction to an increase or decrease in demand for employees, replacement of an employee with low quality work, organization of relocation

• LEGAL SECURITY OF HIRING RISK - Interstaff has responsibility for ensuring employees have the legal requirements to work

• ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE - registration of work permits, legalization of securing residential status of foreigners

As part of our cooperation, we offer services for the selection of employees, organize their relocation to your country, prepare all the necessary documents (visas, etc.), we also assume all the responsibilities related to the servicing of staff and legalizing their employment, including salary, training and other expenses of the employee (including health insurance, social security and all taxes).

So, you can focus on doing business and key competencies of the enterprise, leaving administrative, personnel and accounting issues in our hands.

When concluding a contract, we carry out all the functions related to personnel for you:
• HR function

• Full employment service - recruitment, legalization of stay and work permits, preparation of necessary declarations and contracts

• Personnel recruitment and insurances, trainings, hours calculation, payments
• Legal liability to government agencies

Your responsibility is:
• workplace control and direct supervision

The cost of hiring employees includes ALL basic and additional expenses for the employee, including insurance premiums and disability payments, accident payments, advance payment of employee income tax, and agent margin.
We provide our clients with the competencies of both manual workers and highly qualified specialists, carefully selected in terms of a trusted position. Candidates delegated to you already have all the professional qualifications needed to complete successfully the job. We guarantee our customers the opportunity to replace quickly an employee who does not meet your expectations.

The advantages that leasing employees from us gives you:

• reduction in the number of permanent employees
• reduction in the risk related dismissal of employees
• simple calculation of labor costs based on hourly or monthly rates
• the possibility of hiring an employee for both short-term and long-term orders
• full legal protection against risks

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