Our company provides huge range of services related to issues of legal stay at the employment country, and also helps to prepare all necessary documents for workers

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Provision of accommodation and employment

The priority for our company is vacancies that give beneficial and comprehensive job offers, including accommodation for potential workers

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Legal Assistance

Legal assistance in Poland

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Work in EU

We provide legal work in the EU countries according to contracts.

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We are offer a job according contract in the European Union countries.
The agreement has been signed in the company office at 6 months or till the end of your working visa. For permanent workers there is an opportunity to legalize their staying in the EU based at the carrying on contract and authorizing residence permit.

If this vacancies are not suitable for you now and you still looking for other`s one, please write to us, fill in the form or send your CV.
We will contact with You, if new vacancies will be open.