Personnel Leasing

Nowadays, staff leasing is one of the most effective and low-cost types of outsourcing, that provides the company’s business processes with well-educated personnel

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Support in legalisation

We offer visa extension services for permanent workers, draw up temporary and permanent residence cards based on work contacts.

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We offer high-quality and comprehensive services in staff searching and collection for companies of various industries and specializationsThe main advantage of the company is effective cooperation with both customers and employees in various areas. Such as engineers, welders, fitters of industrial pipelines, fitters of steel constructions, quality inspektors, masons, plasterers, electricians, joiners, workers of products, workers of hotels, workers of agriculture and stock-raising, and other. The knowledge and long-term experience of qualified specialists guarantees a high quality of services and a professional approach. We aim to fully understand your needs and expectations which require a precise recruitment plan aimed at enabling us to find only the best candidates.

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For employers:

The success of your company depends on the labor effort and staff qualifications, which allows the company to increase profits and increase competitiveness. We take into account all the basic needs of customers that are related to the workforce, offering services in various areas:

-personnel search and selection;

-staff outsourcing;

-assistance in the legalization of foreign workers, etc.